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OEM Blackberry Swivel Holster Case for Curve 8530 8520

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Pemesan : Oki Angga P
Lokasi : Cempaka Putih, Jakpus
Harga : Rp. 150.000
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NEW Genuine Black Koskin Leather Swivel Holster Case / Pouch Belt Clip with magnetic flap enclosure with embrossed BlackBerry logo on front. Made by RIM BlackBerry.
Part # BB HDW-23466-001
Do not compromise for some open packaging, carrier returns, generic or knock-off others are offering. We offer only brand NEW item on our auctions. 

Protect your expensive PDA from your active lifestyle of bumps and scratches with this genuine Koskin Leather Holster Case.  Sleek, sophisticated and fashionable design that will fit your PDA handsomely for office or sport use. 
Featuring a built-in proximity sensor, this leather holster case knows when your BlackBerry is in place and automatically shuts off the screen in order to help maximize battery life.  This technology also allows you to choose different notification settings for incoming calls, emails, and other functions based on whether your device is in or out of the holster. The holster also is designed with a newly designed BlackBerry swivel clip which provides the user maximized comfort wearability. 
Features:- Ratcheting, multi-rotational durable swivel clip
- Proximity-sensing technology
- High quality Koskin construction
- Magnetic closure BlackBerry holster
Built-in grooves constructed of hard plastic run along the front and back insides of the case to protect the trackball.

Compatible with: BlackBerry Tour 9630 9030 Javelin 8900 Curve 8530 8520 9300 Bold2 9700 and similar size PDAs.

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Rabu, 16 Februari 2011


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Pemesan : Mitcha S
Lokasi : Sunter, Jakarta Utara
Harga : Rp. 260.000
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When you've got a busy day ahead of you, a full schedule of work and play, you need a bottle that holds enough to keep you hydrated and happy from dawn to dusk with just a refill or two.
When you're on-the-go, the 27oz Klean Kanteen® Wide makes it easy to keep the energy flowing. The extra wide opening is more than 2 inches in diameter and makes filling, pouring and cleaning the bottle a cinch, plus the slim design fits into most cup holders.
The 27oz is also the perfect size when you're ready to ditch the hustle and bustle of the city for the peace and solitude of the trail. The threads are 100% stainless steel and the design works with standard backcountry water filters. The inside of the wide-mouth caps is all stainless too, so your drinks never touch plastic. In fact, the only plastic on the Klean Kanteen® Wide is on the outside of the cap; and of course it's BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5).
It comes with a Stainless Loop Cap that works seamlessly with the Kanteen® S-Biner. Or you can opt for the elegant and functional Flip D-Ring Cap, available as an accessory.
All Klean Kanteen® products are made from high quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel that's totally free of BPA and other toxins. Because stainless steel itself is safe, we don't need to coat the inside of our bottles with a plastic or epoxy lining, which is one of the main differences between a stainless steel Klean Kanteen® and aluminum bottles.
Food-grade stainless steel is used in the brewing, food and winemaking industries too. It's the material of choice because it doesn't retain or impart flavors. No matter how many times you refill it, no matter what you put into it, your Klean Kanteen® Wide will keep your drinks fresh, crisp and clean tasting. 

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ZAGG InvisibleShield Maximum Cover Samsung Wave S8500

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Pemesan : Reza P.P
Lokasi : Mampang, Jaksel
Harga : Rp. 320.000
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Item details :

Samsung Wave S8500 InvisibleShield Full Body Maximum Screen Protector

Samsung Wave S8500 InvisibleShield Full Body Maximum Screen Protector

Your search for a(n) Samsung Wave S8500 case, skin, or cover is now over. The invisibleSHIELD™ is an exceptionally clear and virtually indestructible film that will protect your Samsung Wave S8500 from unsightly scratches. Our exclusive nano-memory™ technology covers and shields your device, keeping it as pristine as the day you took it out of the box.

The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD applies directly to your Samsung Wave S8500, providing the toughest, most durable protection you will find. The invisibleSHIELD has its origins in the military, where it was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris. Now you can use that same powerful technology to protect your Samsung Wave S8500.

The invisibleSHIELD is only .2 millimeters thick making it the slimmest Samsung Wave S8500 skin or Samsung Wave S8500 cover of its kind. It is so tough that we back it with a lifetime guarantee. So, if it ever does wear or scratch, we will replace it for free, for the life of your device. And if you ever need to remove the invisibleSHIELD, no problem; it comes off clean and leaves no sticky residue.

If you're still not convinced, check out our demo video and see for yourself how strong the invisibleSHIELD™ really is.

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